Comfortably Chic

I have always been a believer in the idea that looking put together and chic truly doesn’t take much more effort than throwing on your favorite pair of sweats. Lately I have had a couple different outfits in rotation that I can easily go to when needing something easy, comfortable, and cute to run out the door in. This is one of those outfits.

My favorite skinny jeans. The most worn boots I have. A cozy and long striped shirt. My go-to jacket. And a super pretty pop of color with my floral scarf.

It truly is just a mash-up of all my favorite things, and luckily, they all work together! I am a fan of mixing prints because it creates an unexpected twist to your outfit and when done in smaller doses isn’t breaking any major fashion rules.

As a finishing touch, having my nails painted with something gold and glittery instantly makes me feel prettier and more put together. Don’t underestimate the little things, I’m telling ya.

Outfit Details: Top: Old Navy, Jacket: Forever 21, Scarf: Target, Jeans: Rich & Skinny, Boots: Steve Madden

Photos by Bettina

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