Five Super Sexy Gifts – Under $40

Hot Guys and Baby Animals Book/Calendar – Hot guys. Baby animals. Is it just us or is this an unstoppable combination? Leave this book on your coffee table for whenever you need a little pick-me-up. Or grab the 2013 calendar for a monthly dose of “ooo, aww.” Makes a great gift for Secret Santa with your girls, or grab one for your gay boyfriend so he can ring in the new year right.

Intercourses Cookbook – Here at The 3 F’s, we’re big fans of anything that combines two F’s into one. This cookbook outlines 19 aphrodisiacs, from traditional ones like strawberries to lesser known options like asparagus (who knew?). With histories, anecdotes, and great photography, this cookbook is a great gift for your lover, or anyone in your life who appreciates the pleasures of life.

Personalized Romance Novel – This is no ordinary romance novel. After you pick your book (based on how tame or racy you want it to be), enter your and your lover’s names, descriptions, and more (like what kind of car you drive), you’ll receive a personalized novel in the mail, perfect for cuddling up with under a blanket during chilly winter nights.

Sexy Coupon Book – Remember when you were young and didn’t have any money, so you just made coupon books for everything? Well this is the adult version of that. This makes a great gift for that Friend with Benefits who you don’t want to drop too much cash on. Or, grab one for your partner as a stocking stuffer. You can also make your own that is perfectly tailored to the recipient.

Lipstick vibrator – What can we say, we love things that look like other things. This powerful and discreet pocket rocket is great for gals on the go. It looks just like a tube of lipstick, but with a very pleasant secret. Bonus – it’s waterproof (though we’re not sure how you would explain bringing your lipstick with you into the bathtub/ocean). Grab one for yourself or hand one out to all your lady-friends.


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